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The Pain of Change

The Pain of ChangeAuthor: Dr. Brad Burgess

I want to address a major concern for those considering chiropractic care.

Will I feel sore after getting adjusted?

To preface this question let's have a little background on our brain. Our brain is truly magnificent, it controls and coordinates all of our organs, from the thyroid to the heart to the intestines. The brain also coordinates muscle movement patterns. Every time you want to move your muscles to flex your guns for the girls or point a finger your brain has to activate a specific pathway for that exact motion.

When it comes to this fact, your brain can appear lazy. Our brain and nervous system utilize the Law of Facilitation, which states that as we repeat a certain pathway over and over our brain decreases the resistance to that path making it easier to travel. Resistance in the nervous system means a specific signal will decrease in power and speed as it gets further from the brain. But, each time a signal takes this same path, the resistance will be less therefor making it easier. Knowing humans and the brain, we always choose the path of least resistance.

So, back to our question, will I be sore after getting adjusted?

Quite often after a person receives their first few adjustments to remove subluxations they will experience a discomfort. Things can feel a little off or different. While many people associate this with a negative experience. I would like to note that this is actually not a negative experience.

This is the body's attempt to go back to its previous pattern. For instance, if you are 25 years old and have never been adjusted, your body has grown accustomed to that specific pattern with those subluxations, just as in the law of facilitation.

After your adjustment, your nervous system is going to be uninhibited and functioning better than ever. You will experience a better range of motion than before. Your body will be firing a different pathway and can experience this as being abnormal since it will be in a new posture and position. Since we are affecting the position of your body's structure, the bones, and muscles are connected to bones, muscles will feel a different tension on them. The muscles will try their best to go back to their happy position, which tends to mean discomfort or soreness.

Your body, functioning the way it does, will want to go back to its easiest route, even if that means compromising the nervous system once again with a subluxation. Keeping regular adjustments allows us to strengthen the proper neurological pathway that empowers your body to function properly, with ease and efficiency.

Taking advantage of Lifestyle care will have the most benefit to your body and health. Let the soreness empower you to keep going forward just as we seek that soreness from exercising at the gym.

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