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Patient Testimonials

I will never go back to my old way of life!

❝I had previously been to other chiropractors for some issues I had been having with my digestive system and back, with little relief. Then I found Dr. Brad. He went the extra mile to listen to me and to teach me about my body and how I can live healthier. I started eating healthier, exercising, and getting adjusted regularly. I will never go back to my old way of life. I have learned so much and his adjustments are awesome. I encourage all my friends and family to find a chiropractor like him.❞
Will F.

My baby and I are so happy!

❝I first met Dr. Brad when I was 32 weeks pregnant. This was my third baby, he was breech and I was in a lot of pain. I didn't want to have a C-section, he told me not to worry and that he could help. After getting adjusted and performing Webster technique the baby flipped! This was my easiest pregnancy yet. After he was born I brought him in and Dr. Brad adjusted his sacrum and atlas. I can't thank Dr. Brad enough, my baby and I are so happy.❞
Sarah B.

I knew I was in good hands!

❝I started getting adjusted by Dr. Brad 6 months ago. I was having excruciating pain in my neck that radiated into my arms. As soon as Dr. Brad placed his hands on me I knew I was in good hands. I could feel his positive energy and he was in tune with my body. He truly listened to me when other doctors wouldn't. I had X-rays taken, and was referred for an MRI. Once that came back clear he started adjusting me. After two weeks of regular adjustments the symptoms started going away! I just wish I had started chiropractic earlier.❞
Chuck W.

My Back pain is gone!!

❝I woke up this morning and have absolutely NO BACK PAIN! I was in excruciating pain for the past two months and never did anything about it. My husband called Dr. Brad and he came out and adjusted me. I noticed it was already a lot better after the adjustment, and it only kept getting better!❞
Angie H.

My mood and body are much better!

❝Dr. Brad Burgess has been coming to our workplace for a couple of months now. Brad is not only good at what he does. But unlike a lot of other chiropractors that I have gone to, Brad has a way of making things feel "less clinical". I enjoy this aspect of mood music, scents. As well as Brad's eternal good vibes. The guy is always smiling and I always feel much better after leaving from the infectious Positivity to the relief in my neck and back. Excellent work and a great person to be around. Thanks, Dr. Brad,❞
Josh S.