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Mens Health Event

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Join us for the eighth annual Men's Health Event on September 29, 2018 at Ford Field from 9AM-3PM. This FREE event will provide men a better understanding of how to stay healthy, free health screenings to assess their current health and information about advances in healthcare.

The FREE health screenings provided are valued at over $1,800 and include vital measurements, a blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), testosterone, magnesium, uric acid, glucose, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, trigylcerides, liver function, BMI and body fat percentage assessments, mental health screenings, HIV/AIDS testing, skin cancer screenings, EKG testing, hearing and dental examinations and more! Attendees will receive blood draw results in the mail 7-10 days post event. You do not need to fast for the blood draw.

The event also provides FREE haircuts, "Ask a Healthcare Expert", raffle prizes, health and sport displays, fitness activities, guest speakers, an opportunity to kick a field goal at Ford Field and a FREE meal! Men come away from this family-friendly event with a comprehensive health assessment!

Date: 09/29/2018 - 09:00 AM

Location: Ford Field
2000 Brush St, Detroit, Michigan 48226

Community Outreach: Engineers and Adjustments

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Dr. Brad will be traveling to Eaton Rapids to adjust the engineers and shop workers at GSE. The owner had seen so much value after getting his first adjustment he knew it could even help out his employees and company. Employees look forward to their Friday for more than one reason now, morale has gone up, and the employees have a higher satisfaction with their job.

Date: 12/01/2017 - 09:00 AM

Location: Eaton Rapids, MI

Living Your 100 Year Lifestyle

Living Your 100 Year Lifestyle
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If you knew you'd live to be 100, how would you change your life now?

In this workshop you will learn how to enjoy living in the present while making healthy lifestyle choices that will support you through 80, 90, and 100 years of life. The choices you make now will determine your health as you age. Do you want to spend your last decades being able to do the things you love every day with family and friends or deteriorating in a nursing home not remembering those you love? You will learn...

- The truth about genetics and lifestyle
- How to get to 100 healthy, happy and fulfilled
- How to optimize your health through every stage of life
- Healthy lifestyle choices and values
- The Health Care Hierarchy of The 100 Year Lifestyle
- How you can prevent the negative effects of aging

Location: Our practice

Helping Hands: Mission 22

Helping Hands: Mission 22
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Our office is very committed to supporting the community while helping improve the health of our people. Ask us how our office can work with your group to raise money and generate awareness for your favorite cause and your most important asset- your health.