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About Our Team

Dr. Brad Burgess

Dr. Brad Burgess
I was born and raised in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I returned to Sterling Heights in order to help build up the health of the community that I grew up in. As a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic graduating from Life University I embody the belief "to give, to love, to do, and to serve" living out my life's purpose of helping others to heal and grow according to the laws of nature. I specialize in humans from birth until the last breath, athletes, extremities, and nutrition.

I have spent countless hours studying topics like nutrition, anatomy, physiology, health, and longevity which have not only made me healthier, but have helped me coach others to their optimum health. I believe the human body should be observed as a whole and was designed to be self-healing, self-regulating, and self-organizing. I also believe we must observe the environment (lifestyle) in which a person lives. I tailor each treatment and recommendation to each practice members specific needs. During my senior internship I worked at an office specializing in Pre-natal, pediatrics, and family wellness. Being able to work with such a large range of patients and rare cases allowed me to witness how powerful the human body is. The incredible thing is, we all have this power within us.